Vale Ian Holmes (1935 - 2010)
Pictures of Ian during the time I worked with him on Rotavirus. (Mike Dyall-Smith).
Ian Holmes, Rotavirus teamI
Ian Holmes, Roger Schnagl and Sue Rogers, around the tube gel electrophoresis apparatus used to analyse the RNA segments of rotavirus strains. (1979)

Ian Holmes, Rotavirus
Ian receiving the Clunies Ross medal in 2007. Roger Schnagl (see adjacent photo), is on the far left). Barbara Coulson and Con Sonza are either side of Ian.

Ian Holmes
Looking at a sequencing X-ray film (1986). We were sequencing antibody selected 'escape' mutants of rotavirus, and finding out what mutations had arisen in the gene for the major outer capsid protein. These were exciting times.

Ian Holmes and John Tam
Ian with John Tam, at a conference in Geelong, 1985

An end-of-year lunch in the university gardens.


Ian Holmes, Peter Reeves, rotavirus
The rotavirus vaccine team in 1986.L-R: Ian Holmes, Peter Reeves (U. Syd.) , Z. Bolcevik, Michael Johnson (U. Syd.) and Chris Hum. I was there, taking the photo (MDS).

Ian Holmes
Ian Holmes, 1987

Ian in the lab, 1979

Ian Holmes

Ian Holmes laboratory
Looks like a birthday. In the tea room of the department. It was a very social lab, with lots of people (3 here were from overseas), and many celebrations.

Brian Ruck, Ian Holmes and Geoff Davidson. The Age newspaper, Melbourne 1974

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