Older News Items

Feb, '11. I joined the Wagga campus of Charles Sturt University, within the microbiology group of BMS. Now teaching and setting up a new research lab. Fantastic place to live and work.

Jan '10: Halostagnicola kamekurae. It is pleasing to see that a new species of Halostagnicola has been named in honour of Dr Masahiro Kamekura. This recognises his long career in halophile research, particularly haloarchaea. Congratulations !

Dec '09: Halovirus Methods: a summary of methods for studying archaeal viruses (Archaeviruses) has just been published [pdf]

Nov '09: ARB on Snow Leopard: Here is a step-by-step guide to set up the latest, fastest, stable ARB on OS X 10.6 !! Matt Cottrell has made installation a breeze.

Apr '09: Halohandbook. Slight update from 2008, with revisions to a few sections. [here]

Sept '08: Two halovirus papers published from my lab, transcription of SH1, and transfection and transposon mutagenesis.

Mar '08: Sadly, Dick Shand passed away after a long battle with cancer. Well known for his work on haloarchaea, particularly halocins. He is greatly missed. [home page pdf; Safari webarchive]